Japanese Wedding

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Get married and have a wedding ceremony in the beautiful city of Kyoto or anywhere in Japan — in a Japanese style! You can have a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony at a beautiful Shinto shrine, a Zen temple, or a beautiful Japanese garden.

My clients: International couples who seek a truly memorable and meaningful Japanese-style wedding ceremony and party in Japan.

Why would you like to have me as your translator & assistant?


  • I specialize in the field of Japanese culture, especially in traditional Japanese weddings.

Each ceremonial procedure has a special meaning, so it’s best to have a language interpreter / translator as your assistant throughout your wedding day. And the interpreter / translator must have a deep understanding and knowledge of Shinto, Buddhism, and Japanese culture and traditions, as well as understanding of western culture, to be able to appropriately translate a traditional Japanese wedding.

  • I’ve worked with and have connections with wedding companies and shrines in Japan and  in Kyoto.

It’s simply more comfortable and fun if you can communicate without a language barrier with those who serve you on your special wedding day: wedding planners, hair dressers, make-up artists, kimono dressers, shrine / temple priests, etc.

  • I take joy and pride in serving you on your wedding day!

You need someone who can not only translate for you but also is committed and passionate about serving you for your wedding in Japan.


I believe that a traditional Japanese-style wedding is a very unique and beautiful way to get in touch with Japanese culture and traditions, and I’ve enjoyed working with international couples, who always tell me how happy they are to have chosen to experience it.

It will definitely be a meaningful and unforgettable experience for you too.


I will travel anywhere in Japan to serve you, and my promise to you will be:


High Quality (Efficiency

Hospitality (Japanese kind 🙂 )

Hard Work (Will go another mile for you)