Translator, Interpreter

“Never trust the translation or interpretation of something
without first trusting its interpreter.” ― Suzy Kassem

A Kyoto-based freelance translator/interpreter Kieko Kakinuma provides you with high-quality English <> Japanese translation services to help you get your message across!

Kieko has many experiences in translation and simultaneous/consecutive interpretation for businesses, organizations, and individuals, including large international corporates and well-known individuals.

Special focus on Japanese culture and Kyoto: Her unique experiences include interpretations for traditional Japanese weddings for international couples, speeches by Japanese traditional craft artisans, international artists and musicians of different genres, and interviews and researches by international media and academic researchers for various traditional industries and venues including famous temples and shrines in Kyoto and throughout Japan.




  • Graduate School of Rikkyo University 

Degree: Master’s degree

Field of Study:  Intercultural Communication (Translation and Interpretation Studies, English Language Education)

  • Tokyo Woman’s Christian University

Degree: Bachelor’s degree

Field of Study: English Literature (British Children’s Literature)



Some of the organizations  she has worked for:

ARTE TV,  Yomiuri TV,  Asahi TV,  Mainichi TV,  Mainichi TV, Asahi-Shinbun Newspaper,  Yomiuri-Shinbun Newspaper, TRUE managazine, OMRON Ltd., KYOCERA Corporation, MCK Co. Ltd., Shimazu Corporation, Kyoto Prefecture Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, US Embassy Tokyo, Embassy of Spain, Kyoto Smart City Expo, Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau, Kamigamo Jinja Shrine, Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine, KYOTOGRAPHIE, Kyoto University, Alzheimer’s Association Japan, Alzheimer’s Disease International, Alzheimer’s Society, OBON Society, Misaki Town Board of Education, Graphisoft Hungary, Ltd.,  Biolux Research, Ltd.



  OK, here’s the personal stuff:

  • I love mountains and hiking.
  • I love to read – every single day!
  • My bachelor’s thesis was on C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.
  • I went to high school in California, U.S.A.
  • I take calligraphy & sado (Way of Tea) lessons.
  • I love cats. I used to have a cat named Chirorin 🙂


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